Harvey Water Softeners Kingston

Water softeners

Our dedicated team offer the Installation of Harvey Water softeners for your home.

All of our installers are fully qualified plumbers, and can install your Water Softener into a place that suits you. We can book a time that's convenient and the process is relatively simple.

Some of the benefits of having a Water Softener Installation;

  • Softened water can reduce hot water heating costs nearly 30%
  • Soap & Shampoo usage can be cut
  • Softer skin
  • Plumbing and Fixtures will be free of hard water build-up
  • Clothes won't fade or lose colour as quickly
  • Towels will stay fuller and fluffier
  • Appliances will last longer

To discuss your project, to talk through your options or to obtain a free estimate or quotation please contact us

Need a Water softener?

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To ensure our customers receive a high standard of workmanship, experience and professionalism, our company is accredited and monitored by several trade and industry bodies.

  • Worcester Boiler Weybridge
  • Checkatrade
  • Gas Safe