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Saniflo Installation

Saniflo makes it possible to install a bathroom in your home even if it's not possible to install conventional plumbing with a traditional gravity flow system.

With Saniflo, you can tur n a small closet, wasted space under the stairs, or a section of your basement into an extra bathr oom with Saniflo toilets.

Saniflo toilets use a unique macerating system which consists of a rotating blade that will liquefy wastes and toilet paper before pumping into a sanitary sewer.

Shower pump installation

Poor water pressure? Want to improve the performance of your shower? Then look into having a new shower pump installed.

Old houses in UK generally run off a gravity fed plumbing system which consists of a cold water tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard. This system is renowned for supplying poor pressure to the showers. To combat this we can supply and install a market leading high efficiency shower pump to ensure you never have a dribble for a shower again

Home booster pumps

Poor mains water pressure? Want to improve the overall water pressure throughout your house? Then look into having a home booster pump installed.

More and more homes in the UK have a mains fed plumbing system, which means the pressure that comes out of your shower and taps is directly affected by the performance of your incoming water mains.

Some areas in the UK are known for having very poor water pressure, and until now there hasn't been a great deal you can do about it except learn to live with it.

Now there are options available which enable us to fully pump and boost your incoming water main to give you the desired water pressure throughout your home.

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Poor mains water pressure?

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