What is a system upgrade? Back to Top

A system upgrade is updating your old gravity type heating/hot water system to a modern, fully pumped, fully thermostatically controlled system to comply with the curr ent Part L building regulations.

How do I know if my system will need to be upgraded? Back to Top

The simplest way of determining whether or not your system is in need of upgrading is to try switching on your central heating on its own without the hot water coming on also.
If you cannot operate your central heating independently from your hot water then you are almost certainly going to need your system upgraded.

What is involved in upgrading a system to a fully pumped thermostatically controlled system? Back to Top

This involves removal of the existing boiler & replacing with a new high efficiency condensing boiler.

It also includes the following:

A new foam lagged hot watecylinder is usually installed as part of a system upgrade, this will also need a thermostat fitted to control the hot water temperature.

How long will an installation take? Back to Top

Installation times will vary from home to home & depending on the type of installation you are having. Below is a guideline to Holland Plumbing & Heating expected time for installations. Please bear in mind that all our engineers are different so these are guidelines only

Looking after your home. Back to Top

All engineers at Holland Plumbing & Heating carry their own vacuum cleaners & dust sheets to help ensure your installation is carried out with the least amount of disruption possible.

Any old flue openings are made good with material matching the original as best as is possible/practical. Right down to getting the best possible bricks to match existing.

As part of both our independent quality control policies we have stringent procedures, which ensure the greatest care will be taken with all aspects of your installation.

After sales service. Back to Top

After your installation is complete you will be given a unique reference number to quote in the unlikely event of a problem.

All systems fitted by us carry a compr ehensive 1 year warranty on all parts and labour and you will have access to one of our own engineers out of normal working hours.

We offer a comprehensive 3 star contract which includes an annual service check and covers all parts and labour .

Does my system need powerflushed? Back to Top

If you're not sure whether your system needs powerflushing or not we of fer a unique thermal imaging survey. This involves using a thermal camera to see the sludge within your system/radiators. As this picture clearly demonstrates we can advise you without any doubt whether or not your system will need a powerflush. The cost for this survey is £90.00 + VAT, however £50.00 of this will be deducted should we carry out the powerflush on completion of the survey. For more details please contact the of fice.

What is involved in upgrading my system to a combination system? Back to Top

This involves removal of the existing boiler & replacing with a new high efficiency condensing boiler. Ensure the plumage from the boiler flue terminal will not cause a nuisance. Click here to find out more about plumage

It also includes the following:

Important questions to ask a potential installer! Back to Top

We have compiled a list of questions which we feel are important to ask a potential installer Heating

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