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Hollands heating & Plumbing Ltd can help you choose the right boiler which can save you lots of money on your future fuel bills by cutting emissions and making your home become more energy efficient. We can help you establish your boiler's current rating and visually show you how much money you could save by replacing your boiler. We can also help you make the right choice by explaining the dif ferent types of boilers and showing the top 5 boiler manufactur ers which our experts have knowledge on to be the most reliable and efficient. We understand that our customers want to know exactly what makes a boiler an energy efficient one and we can help to explain this.

What are the different types of efficiency condensing boilers?

  • Combination boilers, which heat up hot water on demand
  • System boilers, where a separate hot water cylinder is required
  • Heat-only boilers

Our top 5 most reliable and energy efficient boilers manufacturers:

1: Worcester gas & LPG boilers
2: Keston gas & LPG boilers
3: Baxi boilers
4: Ideal gas & LPG boilers
5: Valliant gas & LPG boilers

What is a high efficiency boiler?

A high efficiency boiler is rated SEDBUK band A or B. Boilers are rated according to how much of the fuel they consume is converted to heat, as a percentage. This rating is called SEDBUK - Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK. We can provide this rating for you and show you what rating your current boiler is and then help you come to a decision for your new boiler.

Replacing your boiler is not the only energy efficient product Hollands Heating & Plumbing can advise you on to help you save money. We can also make your radiators, boiler or hot tank more energy efficient and install loft and cavity wall insulation. Please call one of our advisors and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have, from the range of boilers we offer to how we can make your home a more energy efficient one. With condensing boilers, the 20% which would normally get pumped outside is brought back into the system, where the consumer benefits. When fitted as a replacement for a twenty year old wall mounted boiler (i.e. a boiler which is appr oximately 70% efficient) in an average three bed semi will save the consumer £960.00 in the expected fifteen year life of a boiler.

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