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With the introduction of mains fed appliances like electric showers combination boilers and unvented cylinders, the importance of the main supply for both pressures is paramount.

High performance showers and the popularity of multi bathroom properties means the demands are higher and the performance of the mains supply to meet demand is often over looked.

Pressure without a good flow rate counts for nothing

If your mains pressure supply is poor it will cause pressure and flow fluctuations, ultimately leading to poor performance and your dissatisfaction. Accumulator technology is one way of over -coming poor flow rates by storing cold mains water in a sealed vessel which increases volume, stabilises pressure to combination boilers and unvented cylinders and will ensure a free flow of constant water.

Accumulators are not a new concept and have been used in many applications worldwide such as applications on ships, aircraft, farms as well as commercial pump sets. Using accumulator technology to help boost mains supplies is something that will guarantee that poor pressure is a thing of the past.

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